Wii U’s Super Ubie Land

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Remember Super Ubi Land? That Kickstarter phenomenal that had a modest goal of $5,000 and broke through that with ease, is an undiscovered diamonds in the rough for Nintendo Wii U gamers. Sure, with Nintendo Switch on the horizon, many people will laugh at the ideas of playing an independent game makers’ release as a joke. However, Super Ubie Land has finally been picked up for Wii U as the game impressed the Nintendo enough to do so. It is currently available through Nintendo Wii U eShop and certainly deserves a look.

What may appear as a simple arcade style game has surprisingly enchanting graphics for indie developed game. With smooth animation and sidescrollling action that will get your fingers engaged for next move, Super Ubi Land was Remixed to fix gamebreaking bugs and introduce new gameplay elements. The soundtrack was one of my favorite part of the game and thankfully, it has been treated right with original soundtrack making the apperance.

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