Whether you like it or not, playing Sims FreePlay involves dealing with hackers and cheaters. WIth incentive to become famous and popular, many Sims FreePlay users have turned to cheating on Sims Freeplay to make the ends meet. Compared to power users with unlimited credit cards to purchase Simoleons and Lifestyle Points, Sims Freeplay hackers have utilized security loopholes to access the unlimited pool of in-app purchases on demand.

With many new updates for the game coming out including the Movie Studio update that will surely attract players to become the Movie Star through new career path. Despite the rampant cheaters, we still advise our readers to stay away from tools like those and instead, focus on grinding your way to the op. Or you can always ask your mommy to buy you more LifePoints but let's face it, you might as well get a temp job to achieve the same.